Working together for a healthy Tioga County, free from the effects of substance abuse

Who We Are

Our Mission: To engage our communities in efforts to understand, prevent, and reduce youth and community substance abuse through increased collaborations inspiring community level change.

Our Goal: Work in partnership with our communities to empower youth and families to promoteĀ  healthy behaviors and choices while bringing about positive community change.



We Strengthen Community Networks

One of the main goals of the coalition is to help youth, families, schools, and communities to work together in tackling issues such as substance abuse and mental health. We do this by connecting people to resources, encouraging youth leadership, and providing up to date information on a variety of current topics .


We Educate

The soul of the coalition is in education. We increase public awareness of the harmful effects of substance use, help parents recognize signs and symptoms, and teach adults how to talk to our kids and often about substance use. It is our goal to spread awareness and reduce stigma in the communities we serve, and we believe that education plays a huge role in that.


We Believe in Data

The foundation of our work is in data collection. We collect data to inform the direction of the coalition’s efforts and to provide an accurate picture of local conditions as they relate to substance abuse and risk/protective factors.  We rely on all of our community partners to assist in making sure we have the most up to date and current data. We especially thank our six county school districts for partnering with us on collecting youth data.