October 2018 Press Release

  • 7% of youth surveyed in Tioga County schools admitted to taking prescription drugs without a doctor’s permission
  • 5% of 12th graders who reported using a prescription drug without doctors permission said they were given the drug by a friend or family member for free
  • When asked how easy it would be to get some prescription pain relievers, 34.8% of Tioga County students stated that it would not be too hard
  • If you find empty bottles or packages of cough medicine in his/her bedroom, this is a red flag of medicine abuse. And, if you notice that he/she is showing odd behavior, excessive mood swings, has an increase or decrease in sleep, declining grades or a loss of interest in friends and activities, these are also signs that something is wrong and you should have a talk with them. So while we cannot protect children from everything that can hurt them we can make a difference when it comes to prescription and over-the-counter medicine. Talk to them about the dangers of medicine misuse, lock up your medicines, and keep track of your medicines. Unused prescription drugs thrown in the trash can end up in someone else’s hands and misused or illegally sold. Unused drugs that end up flushed infects our water. Safe disposal of unused drugs saves lives and protects the environment. Taking the step of cleaning out your medicine cabinet of expired or unused prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines prevents the chance of overdose deaths or abuse by a family member. Drug Take-back events and medication collection boxes are the best way to dispose of old drugs. For more information, contact us at 607-223-4066. Are there expired or unused prescription medicines in your home? Casa-Trinity and Tioga County Sheriff’s Department are hosting National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day free drug collection event WHERE: Across the street from Owego Agway WHEN: Saturday, October 27, 10am – 2pm FREE drive up and drop off service! No questions asked! Visit a Tioga County Prescription Drug Collection Box Today! Tioga County Sheriff’s Office- Owego, NY Owego Police Department- Owego, NY Apalachin Pharmacy- Apalachin, NY Waverly Police Department- Waverly, NY]]>