Tioga County Allies in Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition was re-established in September of 2016 when community leaders stepped forward and wanted to find a local solution to the opioid and overdose epidemic.  Spearheaded by our county Chairwoman Marte Sauerbrey, a steering committee was created and a new coalition was formed in Tioga County.  With guidance from the prevention services agency, CASA-Trinity Inc., the coalition began to develop a strategic action plan and was awarded the Drug Free Communities Grant in 2018.  This grant will allow the coalition to continue to work on the mission and vision created for Tioga County ASAP Coalition.

Coalition partners share a set of common values throughout their communities.  Many agencies, businesses, and individuals are involved in collaborative working relationships and routinely combine resources and share information.  Coalition partners have also worked together on different community assessments and assist each other in collecting data. This helps to assure that issues such as substance use and mental health remain a priority area of focus in Tioga County.   


— Our Mission

 To engage our communities in efforts to understand, prevent, and reduce youth and community substance abuse through increased collaborations inspiring community level change. 

— Our Vision

Working together for a healthy Tioga County free from the effects of substance abuse.

— Our Motto


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Want to create Community Change?

Tioga ASAP Coalition will be hosting evening meetings to bring together a group of Tioga County citizens who want to create change by working on important projects to better our communities.