Black Balloon Day

Black Balloon Day is a meaningful event that takes place each year on March 6th. Its purpose is to extend support to individuals who have experienced the heartbreaking loss of a loved one due to overdose. During this event, we unite as a community by decorating the local businesses  with black balloons and window clings, serving as a visible reminder that no one is alone in their grief.

With the participation of over 90 local small businesses, this event gains immense support and amplifies its impact. Together, we stand in solidarity, creating an atmosphere of empathy and understanding. Through this collective effort, we aim to provide comfort to those who have been affected by the tragic consequences of overdose.

By filling our business community with black balloons and window clings, we not only honor the memory of those lost but also foster a sense of compassion and connection among community members. The visible display serves as a reminder that there is a network of support available to those in need and that no one has to face their pain alone.

On Black Balloon Day, we come together as a united community, offering our heartfelt support and empathy to those who have endured the devastating loss of a loved one. By standing shoulder to shoulder, we strive to create an environment where healing, understanding, and compassion prevail.

Overdose Vigil

Tioga ASAP members tabling at OD Vigil

Our annual overdose vigil takes place on August 31st, coinciding with Overdose Awareness Day. During this solemn event, we gather together to remember those who have been lost to addiction and overdose. It is a time for reflection, education, and support.

At the vigil, we are privileged to have impactful speakers who bravely share their personal stories of addiction, overdose, and the profound consequences that accompany them. Their narratives serve as a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by individuals and their families.

To honor the memories of those we have lost, we provide vigil candles for participants to light, symbolizing a collective tribute and remembrance. Additionally, we come together in a moment of silence, allowing us to reflect on the lives affected by addiction and overdose.

As part of the vigil, we organize a silent walk, providing a contemplative opportunity for individuals to walk together in unity, showing support for those who are currently struggling and raising awareness in the community.

This event also serves as a platform for local agencies to offer valuable resources and support. Various agencies set up tables, providing information and guidance on seeking help. Attendees have the opportunity to become trained in administering Narcan, an essential life saving medication. Additionally, resources like lockboxes, medication disposal pouches, and cabinet locks are made available to promote safety and responsible medication management.

Our overdose vigil is an event that encompasses remembrance, education, and community support. It is a time to stand together, fostering empathy, awareness, and a commitment to helping those affected by addiction and overdose.

Medication Take Back Day

Tioga ASAP members and local police stand with boxes of items received during Drug Take Back Day

We proudly organize semiannual Medication Take Back Days, aligning with the DEA Take Back Day, to provide our community with an opportunity to safely dispose of expired or unnecessary medications. These events are scheduled in April, coinciding with the spirit of spring cleaning, and in October.

Our community’s response to these initiatives has been remarkable, as we have successfully collected over 250 pounds of medication without any inquiries or judgments. We prioritize creating a safe and judgment-free environment where individuals can dispose of medications in a responsible manner.

Each Medication Take Back Day features two designated locations. Our Tioga ASAP office, located in Owego, NY, serves as one of the convenient drop-off points. The second location rotates throughout the county, ensuring accessibility for residents across Tioga County. If you are interested in bringing our Medication Take Back Day to your town within Tioga County, please kindly complete the contact form provided.

By participating in our Medication Take Back Days, you contribute to the promotion of public health and safety by preventing the misuse or improper disposal of medications. Your involvement helps safeguard our community and ensures a clean and healthy environment for all.

We are dedicated to serving our community and encourage you to take part in this important initiative. Together, we can make a significant impact in preserving the well-being of Tioga County.