Youth Coalition

Attention, Tioga County Teens!

Hey awesome teens of Tioga County! 🎉 Have you heard about the Tioga County ASAP Coalition’s Youth Coalition? It’s not your average group – it’s a bunch of cool, dynamic teens like you, all about making our community even more awesome! 💪

School students writing letters of appreciation to school staff members

🌈 What’s the deal with this Youth Coalition?

We’re all about positive vibes and making Tioga County the best it can be. We come from different schools, backgrounds, and cultures, but we’re like one big squad with a mission – making our community healthier and free from substances!

🤝 Join the Squad!

You want to be part of something amazing? Join the Youth Coalition! We’re all about preventing substance misuse and having a blast doing it. Plus, you get to hang out with some seriously awesome people who care about making a difference.

📢 Be a Voice, Not an Echo!

We’re not just about talking the talk – we walk the walk! Our Youth Coalition is into advocacy and activism. We shout out loud about the risks of substance misuse and why it’s crucial to prevent it. Let’s be the voice of change!

🚀 Level Up Your Skills!

But wait, there’s more! We’re all about YOUR growth too. We offer cool opportunities for leadership, public speaking, and project management. Wanna be a superhero in your community? We’ve got the training to make it happen!

📱 Get Tech-Savvy with Us!

We’re living in the digital age, and we’re all about it. Follow us on social media, join our events, and be part of the movement! We’re using technology to spread the word, and you can be a part of it too.

🌟 Be the Change You Want to See!

The Youth Coalition isn’t just a group – it’s a movement. We’re here to create a Tioga County where everyone can thrive. Be part of the change, be part of the fun, be part of something BIG!

Ready to join the coolest squad in Tioga County? Let’s do this!



We know you’ve got that spark – the power to change the world is right there within you! 🚀 We believe in your unique talents, creativity, and the incredible ideas you have that can truly make a positive impact.

Why Our Work Is Important

Teens Who Reported Using Alcohol In Past 30 Days
Teens Who Reported Using Marijuana In Past 30 Days
Teens Who Reported Vaping In Past 30 Days
Teens Who Reported Using Prescription Drugs In Past 30 Days

🌈 You Are Uniquely YOU!

You’re not just a teen; you’re a powerhouse of creativity and potential. Your ideas can transform communities, influence policies, and inspire others. We see the superhero in you!

🔍 Spot the Challenges, Ignite the Change!

Ever look around and think, “Hey, we can make this better!”? That’s your call to action! Recognize the issues that matter to you, because that’s where the magic happens. Your passion can be the driving force for change.

🔥 Ignite Your Passion for Positive Change!

Ready to turn your ideas into action? Today’s the day! Join us on a journey to create a brighter future for Tioga County. Your voice matters, and together, we can make things happen.

📝 Ready to Join the Movement?

Click the link below to fill out our Youth Interest Form and become a part of something incredible! Your journey to making a difference in Tioga County starts here. Let’s do this together!

Remember, it’s not just a coalition;
it’s a movement driven by YOU!