Coalition Workgroups & Committees

The Opioid Workgroup is committed to addressing the opioid crisis by actively advocating for the inclusion of opioid-related language in policies that promote responsible opioid use and mitigate the harmful effects of opioid substance misuse. Our primary objective is to ensure public access Narcan is distributed all over Tioga County to ensure safety associated with opioid misuse.

In our commitment, the Opioid Workgroup plays a crucial role in promoting the health and safety of Tioga County’s community. We provide a range of resources and initiatives to address the opioid crisis, including:

PAN Boxes ( Public Access Narcan Boxes)

We distribute PAN boxes throughout the county, including Naloxone kits and information on how to administer it and resources. These boxes are placed in areas where they are easily accessible, ensuring that individuals and community members can respond swiftly in the event of an opioid overdose.

Medication Safety

To prevent the misuse of prescription medications and protect our youth and individuals from accessing. It’s a secure way to store medications and reduce the risk of diversion and accidental ingestion.

Spike 2.0 Alerts

The Opioid Workgroup has initiated Spike 2.0 alerts in Tioga County. These alerts are a critical part of our efforts to track and respond to spikes in opioid-related deaths, such as overdoses or poisonings. By monitoring these spikes, we can mobilize resources to effectively address emerging issues in the community.

By working together, we can cultivate an environment where opioid misuse in Tioga County is prevented and families, youth, and adults are well-informed of Narcan and how it saves lives.

Healing Journeys

Living Through the Loss of Joshua

Lexie’s Lesson for Me


The Tioga County Advocacy, Support, and Prevention Coalition recognizes the crucial role of Narcan in preventing opioid-related fatalities and addressing the opioid crisis within our community. We actively utilize Narcan as part of our comprehensive approach to overdose prevention and community education. Here’s how the Tioga County ASAP Coalition employs Narcan:

Free Narcan and Public Access Narcan (PAN) Boxes

Our coalition is dedicated to ensuring that Narcan is readily accessible to individuals at risk of opioid overdose, as well as their family members, friends, and community members. Through our efforts, we strive to increase the availability of Narcan throughout the county. We do this by partnering with businesses and giving out free Public Access Narcan Boxes for the Public to take home free of judgment, empowering individuals to effectively respond in overdose emergencies.

PAN Box Locations

Candor Library
Cady Library
Berkshire Library
Apalachin Library
The Red Door
CASA Trinity
Open Door Mission
Bread of Life Food Pantry
Park Terrace Methodist
Catholic Charities, Nichols

Training and Education

We conduct training sessions and educational programs to equip community members, including first responders, healthcare providers, educators, and volunteers, with the knowledge and skills to recognize and respond to opioid overdoses. Our training programs emphasize the proper administration of Narcan and stress the importance of early intervention in saving lives.

Community Outreach

We actively engage in community outreach efforts to raise awareness about the opioid crisis, the signs of opioid overdose, and the significance of Narcan. Through public events, workshops, and informational campaigns, we strive to educate community members about Narcan as a life-saving intervention and promote its use as an essential tool in preventing opioid-related deaths.