Focus on Prevention

The Science of Addiction

A complete look at the basic science of addiction from The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA),this publication will increase uderstanding of what happens to the brain when addiction takes over.

Famliy Checkup - Positive Parenting Prevents Drug Abuse

Parents play an important role in prevention substance use with their children. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)has developed a Family Check-Up guide to help parents start an important conversation about drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs.

Marijuana Talk Kit

Where do you start? What do you say? Partnership For Drug Free Kids is here to help. Between legalization, increased normalization in pop culture and new ways of using (edibles, vaporizers, concentrates), it’s becoming more and more complicated to know how to address marijuana use with your kids.

What Do I Say?

If you’ve just discovered or have reason to believe your child is using drugs, the first thing to do is sit down and take a deep breath. Partnership For Drug Free Kids can help prepare you for the important conversation ahead.

What Parents Should Know About Opioids

This important E-book gives a complete overview of the various types of opioid drugs and their effects on the brain and body.

Cannabis 101

The landscape of marijuana is quickly changing. Don't get left in the dark, this guide will give you a quick overview on what you need to know now!